Group classes are suitable for all practitioners regardless of gender, age, or level. 

The primary focus is to provide an introduction on the following:

     - Basic Foundations

     - Moving-Step Foundations

     - Partner Drills

     - Yilu Form Choreography

     - Yilu Form Corrections and Alignment

Saturday Local Group Classes @ Kennedy Town starting at 2pm

Private classes are ideal for both the serious practitioners who would like explore more advanced topics and for the beginners who would prefer a more fast-paced & intensive course on the Practical Method.

Examples of Private classes :

     - Yilu Choreography/Correction/Alignment/Application

     - Erlu Choreography/Correction/Alignment/Application

     - Push Hands Training

On average, private students usually finishes the entire Yilu choreography within 4 months (16 sessions).


Private sessions are usually held at the student's preferred locations.